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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Congratulations, you're engaged to be married! You're marrying the love of your life and now you're ready to celebrate with all your nearest and dearest! Planning your wedding sounds like the dream job that you been waiting for, right? While it certainly can be fun (after all we love it so much we do it all the time) there can be a whole host of stressful situations involved, especially if you are planning from afar. So although you may ask yourself, why spend on hiring a wedding planner, here are five reasons why hiring a wedding planner is the second best decision you will make for your big day! (The first being marrying each other of course)!

Destination wedding ceremony decor

1. Time

''There is so much to do, but we are so busy.'' Are you this couple? The average couple with two people working at least 8 hour days also have their daily chores to think about; family life, social life, caring for a pet, paying those bills, grocery shopping and finding that all important time to spend together. Do you have the time and more importantly do you really want to spend that time researching vendors and dealing with the 100s of additional emails you will be receiving as part of the planning process? Do you want to field all the follow up phone calls whilst trying to gauge who will be as good as they say or who may end up letting you down on your special day? If you're planning from afar for a destination wedding in Sri Lanka just imagine trying to locate all these various services and communicating with vendors who may not always have English as their first language or who may not be very efficient in responding back?. A full-service wedding planner will eliminate all that worry. We will do all the research, emails, and phone calls back and forth between the numerous vendors, and only present to you the top options meeting your criteria. At Happily Ever After we know the time and effort that has gone into finding the best vendors and the working relationships we have established, meaning our suggestions comes with the knowledge that they have all done great jobs in the past and can be trusted to do a great job for you. This will certainly help you save time. Time that can be better spent together doing something fun!

2. Budget

A common mistake couples make is to think that hiring a wedding planner is going beyond budget. Truth is a wedding planner understands the importance of wedding budgets and will work with you to stick to yours. Even the best intended couples can get carried away during the process and we will always gently remind you of what you originally had in mind and how much you wished to spend when you set off on the planning process. For destination wedding couples their dream wedding in Sri Lanka can often end up costing more when done on their own as many vendors will apply an additional pricing if not a local client. In addition to knowing the price of things, we often get discounts and better rates given the amount of business we do together with our vendors ending up saving you the cost of us to begin with!

Traditional Sri Lankan fire dancers at destination wedding

3. Planning the Details

When starting off planning a wedding many couples find friends and family eager to help and many who know someone who recently got married will often feel that they are just as good as a planner in helping out with the process and all the details. Although certainly using the blue print of someone who already has gotten married in Sri Lanka can be helpful it can also have its drawbacks. There can often be sensitives when you don't wish to take their advice and want to go with something else than they may have had or where what worked for them just isn't suitable for the wedding you have in mind. On the day itself they too will want to enjoy themselves and have fun and you will want them to be part of your celebration, not busy running back to the kitchen ensuring the starter comes out on time and the main isn't cold. It's also a situation ripe for miscommunication and falling out where those tasked with helping end up feeling resentful for when the reality of the responsibility kicks in, especially if they have flown in to Sri Lanka as part of your destination wedding celebration. A wedding planner will take away all that stress and will make sure your day goes smoothly, doing all the running around and organising of details leading up to the wedding as well as on the day of. We've also got more than one wedding under our belt and have experience of all the little aspects that can possibly go wrong and know how to tackle it to smooth it all out and avert disasters. Our whole focus is to ensure you truly enjoy the day with your friends and family not worrying about any of the details like if the officiant will be there on time or the bar having enough of ice. We will have gone through the checklist weeks in advance and will be behind the scenes making sure everything goes according to plan. All you and your loved ones need to do is enjoy and celebrate!.

4. Wedding is not just it!

Often when planning a wedding and especially a destination wedding to Sri Lanka there will be a whole host of other aspects that you will want to look into to incorporate into your event or help your guests with. Perhaps a welcome drink the evening before, or a wedding brunch the day after or even beach cricket and other activities surrounding the wedding? We will certainly be able to assist you in making bookings and recommendations for activities and places. We even partner with travel agents so for those who would like to offer their guests the option of bespoke tours of the country, we're here to help! When creating your wedding website we can help you with content and useful information that you can add to help your guests navigate their trip to Sri Lanka and your wedding celebration!

5. Bringing it all together

Destination wedding couple in Sri Lanka

A wedding will be one of the most cherished days of your life, this is the celebration of your love! Having your friends and family around in a Paradise island is no doubt going to be memorable and a truly joyous event. Wedding planners know this and most who become planners love seeing the joy but understand that behind it all is a lot of work. We are here to make it easier for you, to ensure not only your day goes without a hitch and everything is just the way you always wished it to be but that the time leading up to it can be stress-free. We work with you to make your budget stretch to all the things you wanted to have, making sure all the details are cared for and that the memory of your wedding will be one that you recall with only fond thoughts. Stress free, surrounded by those you love and celebrating with joy! Us planners? we will just be making sure the officiant is on time and the bar won't run out of ice!

With love, Team Happily Ever After

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